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Learning is Fun 


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Fall Field Trips

School Field Trips

When:  Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in October

Time:  Arrive at 9am and will depart at 1:00


How Much:

$10/ person, one free teacher per 15 students.  Students will pay through the teacher.  If your school is not tax exempt, tax will be added to your addmission fee.  Parents, siblings and other chaperones are $10.95+tax and must purchase tickets online or at the gate.  If field trip attendees would like to remain in the farm once we close to field trips, they may upgrade their armbands to include general admission.


Each Student will Receive

A small pumpkin*                                                      

The Experience:

Is it time to get out of the classroom for some good ole' fashioned fun and a day of learning and sunshine on the farm?  If so, you'll love a visit to 4D!  Here are a few things you will do and see while on the farm:

  • Take pictures and learn about Sunflowers.

  • Visit our cute and friendly farm animals.  We have alpacas, donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, and bunnies!

  • Squeal at the pig races!

  • Learn a little about poultry farming while you enjoy our animatronic chicken show.

  • Jump on the Barnyard Bounce, zoom down the slides, and play on the numerous attractions around the farm!

  • Learn about pumpkins, corn, and get the buzz on bees​!

  • Many learning opportunities are self guided and available around the farm.  You may go at your own pace.


 *Pumpkins, being a crop, is impossible to guarantee. We will gift students a pumpkin while supplies last but pumpkins aren't an additional cost.  Pumpkins most likely not available on November field trips.
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