Spring Field Trips

School Field Trips

Offering educational field trips to pre-school and elementary age students is a priority for us at 4D Farm.  We believe it's important that the heritage and dynamics of agriculture is something that all children have the chance to be exposed to.  It just so happens that we are able to help accomplish that goal in a fun and unique way.  We invite you to bring your students to enjoy our activities, animals, and fresh spring sunshine.  


When Are Spring Field Trips?

Field trips are available for school groups March  - May on Friday mornings. 


What is Included on a Spring Field Trip?

Each field trip includes:                                                         
Educational lesson provided on plants.  Students will plant a seed to take home.  If teachers prefer, we will provided them with seeds, dirt and cups to do the planting in the classroom.  This can make transporting a little easier.  Teachers and parents will also have many self guided educational opportunities on the farm.   
Students will visit the farm animals.   We will discuss what the animals provide and how we care for the animals. All students will get a hayride during their visit. 

This year we will offer a game card to each student "Let's Make a Pizza at the Farm!" 

While we value education and want all children to learn on their visit, we also like to have FUN!  Students will receive one ride on the cow train, a trip down our 80 ft slide, and a turn on Johnny Popper (Our HUGE jumper)  for each student, play in our 2 story play barn, ball hops, spider web, swings, hay jumps, and much more!  You will also have chance to play on our tubing slide...think snow tubing without the snow.  

Each Student will Receive

A take home plant to watch grow.


How Much does it Cost?

If payed through the school:  $8.00 per student  and chaperones.  1 teacher per class, school nurse, and school principal will receive free admission to the farm.  If you require a special education aide, they will also receive free admission.  Children under the age of 2 are admitted free but may not be allowed to participate in all farm activities.

Parents and students paying at the farm: $8.95 +tax

Add gem mining to your field trip experience for ONLY $2 per student.  This would make total for each student $10




Did you know that Pizza grows on a farm!!  Enjoy this educational game as you mooove around the farm!