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Do you allow outside pets?  I'm sorry we do not allow outside pets for the safety of all children and our own pets.

Do you take Credit/Debit?  Yes, we accept all CC and debit cards.

Do you have food available?  Yes, we have lots of yummy food to enjoy on your visit!  Funnel cakes, shaved ice, homemade fudge, kettle corn, cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken tenders...just to name a few.

At what age do you begin charging admission?  We charge admission to ages 2 and up.

Do I have to play, I'm only watching?  All who enter the farm must pay admission.  We hope that the memories made with your family will be worth much more than the price of admissions....and we encourage you to play along.

What happens if it rains?  We will post any planned closings on our website.  If we have to close the farm during your visit and you've had less than 3 hours to enjoy the activities, we will give you a rainy day pass to return.  

Visit our calendar for dates and times the farm is open.

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