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Meet the Farmers

We're the Daniel Family.....


We began our life together about two miles from our current location.  

We dreamed of owning more land and that became a reality when I

ran into a cousin, Jane Davis Abt.  If you know this area, you probably

know her family as our current concessions was the home of her mom.  

So, I guess you could say they have strong roots in the area.  She was

telling me that her farm would soon be for sale.  I went home, telling

Rusty, never really thinking we would be the buyers.  Soon, we were 

piling our belongings into the horse trailer and moving the two miles.  

(Sounds a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies! ha)  We soon added 4 poultry 

houses and 4 kids to the farm.  So here is the 4D Farm part....

After baby three, I longed to be home and homeschool them.  I was 

teaching, and while I loved my job, I wanted to teach my own babies.  

We had one small problem, when we purchased our farm, we had two

incomes and needed mine.  I took off two years and on that third year,

it was time to go back to work.  During my time off, I prayed and I prayed conisistently for a way.  I needed a way to be home with the kids while still having an income.  I soon decided we would build a couple of activities and have farm birthday parties.  From there, we decided, well, if we are building, we will have a corn maze and pumpkin patch.  Cows were moved and slides were built.  All the while, we joked, build it and they will come.  I often look at my kids working or my husband leading a child on his first pony ride and I just thank God.  When people ask me, "Who's idea was this?"    I guess I could say it was mine, and many times I do say that to keep from making someone sit through my entire  But I feel a bit of guilt because I don't want to take credit for any of was truly an answer to  my prayers and God should get the credit, not any of us 4d'ers.  The farm is beautiful to us and we are grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you.  So from our family to yours, welcome to the farm!  


The Daniel Family

Rusty, Beth, and Kids 

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